“Why Mindfulness Holds The Key To Finally Overcoming Your Stress And Overwhelm…”
The Instant Mindfulness Method
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“I learned to take control of, and stop, my mental chatter about my ex husband and remove what triggered me ending my stress. This has made room for the joy and happiness I believe we are all supposed to have in life. Thank you, John!” 
Dr. Shannon South
Still Not Convinced?
According to these 2017 APA statistics... It’s not your fault if you spend so much time stressed!

Because both finances and work are linked to survival, so it’s very easy for them to push your survival buttons and launch the stress response.

The Instant Mindfulness Method is a simple process you can use moment to moment at work, or home ,to take control of your mental and emotional state, so you don’t launch the stress response unless your physical life is actually in danger!
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